What are Standard Websites

Along with other services offered by Innovators Technologies also deals in standard website design services. We are the one of the most sought after website makers in all over world. We mostly deal in html web design techniques. Standard website designs are an ideal solution for small and medium businesses who wish to have an online presence. Our team of innovative and talented website developers helps you get the most out of your website. We do this by optimizing your standard website design to reach its full potential and provide you with the boost required to push your brand forward.

The type of website design that you would require is based on the goals or results you want to achieve by creating an online presence for your business or brand. If you cannot decide which website design to choose, then don’t worry. Our website developers, along with our customer service professionals will confer and discuss all scenarios with you and advise you on the best possible option for you to undertake. You will be fully equipped to make an informed decision about which website design would suit your purposes. It is a well-known fact that standard websites are basic HTML based web designs but has restricted or no usefulness due to certain conditions prevalent in World wide. On the other hand, Static site plans are the fundamental sort of site and most straightforward to make.

Standard HTML Website configuration may be developed by essentially making a couple of HTML pages and distributing them on a designated web server. Whichever your choice maybe, rest assured that the team at Innovators Technologies, will help you make the best choice and deliver you project on time and par excellence. You can contact us for more information by clicking on the links given on the website. You can also review our cost efficient packages below.

CMS (Content Management System) WEBSITE DESIGN

Innovators Technologies specializes in CMS website design. We work in Joomla website design, word press website design and Magento website design. CMS designing allows you to handle your own website on your own without any help from trained developers. The advantage of using a CMS website design is that it decreases the time needed to distribute information thus permitting you to get the maximum output that you require from your website and make your online presence more noticeable.

A CMS designed website is useful for those websites which need to be changed rapidly or in real time. These websites are developed in Joomla, Wordpress & Magento. This design helps you deal with your own website so you don’t have to pay any professional website maker to maintain your website. IT also saves your precious time. It lowers your expenses, cuts down on sending times and expands your control over your own website. It also enables you to regularly overhaul your website in CMS design regularly. This means you can redesign, remake and/or deal with your own website in your own time and that too at a reduced cost. This CMS design Joomla, Magento and/or Wordpress based structure of a website is not only easy to use but also cost effective.

The talented team at Innovators Technologies is the right team for the job of developing your CMS website design. They not only help you make and build the website, they also assist you in maintaining your website and check regular updates and make periodic changes. Our team will help you in choosing the best possible package to suit you individual needs and deliver the project in a timely fashion. Either you can avail our services individually or use any of the packages listed below to suit your requirements. For further details please contact us or go through the package details given below for a better picture of our rates and prices.


WordPress is an Open source CMS used to build destinations which are both effective and easy to modify. The WordPress dashboard is super customer and SEO sincere, adaptable and particularly adaptable. WordPress web design Dubai can be smoothly be adjusted to address your issues besides uses plugin building outline that allows the development of various magnificent tricks to your site. WordPress is the world's most prominent content management framework. It began as a stage only for blogging, however has developed and progressed fundamentally throughout the years. Today, more than 40% of locales utilizing CMS's are utilizing WordPress. What's more, more than 60 millions sites are utilizing WordPress which indicates exactly how prevalent it is.

WordPress is an effective CMS and it accompanies an awesome arrangement of highlights intended to make your experience as a distributer on the Web as simple, charming and engaging as could be allowed. We are glad to offer you an openly appropriated, measures agreeable, quick, light and free individual distributed stage, with sensible default settings and highlights, and a to a great degree adaptable center.

Simple to Introduce– Numerous webs facilitating organizations offer programmed establishment of WordPress destinations, which implies you can have another webpage up and running in well under five minutes. Indeed, even with manual establishment, you can make another site in less than 60 minutes.

Adjustable – WordPress CMS Dubai has essentially more modules, subjects and different customizations accessible for it than whatever other CMS. This is to a great extent in light of the fact that it is the most famous, so the architects of these things quite often make them for WordPress.

Free – WordPress is allowed to introduce and utilization for any individual who needs it. There are a large number of free modules and subjects accessible to look over. Moreover, there are likewise paid premium subjects and modules, which a few individuals will need to utilize, yet they are not needed, particularly not for fledglings.

Group Support – With a large number of individuals utilizing WordPress, there are quite a few people out there to help you through any issues you may have. A few sites are situated up by clients offering free backing to different WordPress site proprietors. On the off chance that you have eventually, you can look at their bolster gathering where givers can help you inside minutes.






Best Ecommerce Web Designing Solutions

Ecommerce websites are in high demand these days as they provide customers a new way of online shopping experience with an ease of choosing varieties of products while sitting at home. Innovators Technologies is the top Ecommerce Web designing company based in Dubai. With the developing requests in the global business, firms are looking to improve their abilities. So e-business is the exit plan for them. Remembering, it is making employments additionally chopping down costs like retail locations and settled rents and uses for them. By having their own site they can encourage the client far superior. Promptly, messaging pamphlet and energizing arrangements as indicated by their needs. They can without much of a stretch track client's advantage zones in their item extends. Your needs are simply a tick away. All organizations must guarantee security and unwavering quality variables to clients for more trusted and bother free exchanges. We need to keep the trust and name up and going in business sector.

Top and Most Utilized Ecommerce Web Designing Frameworks


Magento is renowned for the quantity of functionalities it offers. Everybody thinks about its far reaching investigation, report and item administration frameworks, versatile form or the installments framework. It's intriguing how the script takes into consideration running a few stores at one time from one organization board. Another case of Magneto's unprecedented abilities is the capacity to situate a format for a given item that will make this item to present to a customer uniquely in contrast to different items in the meantime period. Magento web design dubai is an extremely adequate script. Its structural engineering and capabilites is unmatched by numerous other free scripts

Benefits of using Magento

Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins Open source technology that offers flexible, scalable ecommerce solutions Effective and cost sensitive program Allows for various discounts and promotions during check-out Provides more than 50 payment gateways